About Missy

Melissa Jade Aiello (or 'Missy') was born in Nottingham, England in 2001. It all started at seven for Melissa Jade: not content with shading in the lines of her coloring book, she started to copy the illustrations instead, producing piles of drawings over the course of a weekend at her grandparents. Soon the coloring books were put aside and her family became the subjects her many drawings.

On moving to New York in 2010, a student teacher at Melissa's school spotted her potential, giving Melissa sketchbook in which to record her sketches. It was in the States that Melissa searched for a new subject for her drawings and soon found inspiration in her mum, a model booker. In the wish to "follow in Mummy's footsteps", Melissa began to draw models and icons from the pages of her mum's fashion magazines...

One Saturday Afternoon Melissa produced a sketch of Karl Lagerfeld in 15 minutes.
The style of the illustration and the likeness of the subject astounded everyone who saw it. people didn't just like the illustration: they wanted to wear it.

Within days, Tees By Missy X was born.